Yekta Tahvieh Arvand
Designer and manufacturer of chillers, air conditioners, fan coils, package units, condensers, and cooling towers
Arvand beyond comfort
With more than 30 years of experience in Iran's cooling and air conditioning industry
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Yekta Tahvieh Arvand Industries takes pride in positioning itself as a leading player in the country’s HVAC industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology and relying on the expertise of experienced engineers and skilled technical workforce. By producing various high-quality cooling and heating devices and adhering to international standards, we aim to strengthen our position in this industry.

Exclusive representation of the renowned company Robur Italy, participation in the fuel consumption optimization program, being the sole manufacturer of gas-fired absorption chillers in Iran, and designing, manufacturing, and constructing various types of HVAC equipment are just some of the achievements of Yekta Tahvieh Arvand Industries.

Technical knowledge of engineering

Specialized personnel, designing, and manufacturing products with state-of-the-art technologies.

Optimal consumption

Reduction of energy consumption, high efficiency of products, and cost reduction.


Basic production design of products according to Arvand's customers' needs

after sales service

Providing information, expert advice, answering questions and solving customer problems

Change and progress are among the characteristics that set us apart, and these are embedded in the heart of Arvand. We have been able to create lasting value by providing our customers with comfort through modern engineering knowledge in air conditioning, while respecting the environment. With over 20 diverse products in three sectors: residential, commercial, and industrial, we have established ourselves as a leading Iranian brand

Arvand Company is the exclusive representative of two major companies, Robor from Italy and Irol from France, which by offering quality products, have been able to provide a complete range of household products to their customers.

Arvand company's product categories

Unit heater

The heater unit is used for heating and creating the desired temperature in large halls with high ceilings.

Condensing Unit

It is a type of heating and cooling device that forms a complete ventilation system together with the air conditioner.

Air conditioner and Airwasher

The air conditioner is used to supply and transmit the proper air flow, ventilation, cooling and heating.

Air condenser

It is a type of heat exchanger whose task is to convert steam into liquid and transfer its heat to the surrounding environment.

Unit package

The unit package is a combined device that performs heating and cooling, humidity control, and air filtering.

Fan coil

Fan coil is one of the components of the air conditioning system, which is responsible for heat transfer and air conditioning.

Air cooled | water cooled chiller

It is a device that creates cool air by producing cool water and sending this water to other air conditioning equipment.

Cooling tower

The cooling tower transfers the heat produced in it to the atmosphere by cooling the hot water output from a system.

Consultation with our experts

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