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Manufacturer of air conditioning products

Yekta Tahvieh Arvand was established in 1985, with more than 30 years of continuous activities, it has become a prestigous brand in heating and air-conditioning industry. Arvand Factory is located in Shams-Abad Industrial Zone with 50,000 square meters area .









We are determined to develop technological products and technological solutions by the year 2014 by developing human capital technology infrastructure, international cooperation and looking at sustainable development models and be a leader in Iran’s air conditioning industry.

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  • Development of technological infrastructure and technological solutions
  • Development of human capital of international cooperation
  • Development of products and after-sales services

Mission statement

We are an organization that designs, manufactures and provides various solutions and after-sales services in the air conditioning industry using the latest and smart technologies, which, relying on expert human resources as the main capital of the organization, ensures the provision of benefits and needs. customers and beneficiaries, and by observing ethical principles and personnel safety in order to optimize the use of energy resources and maintain environmental laws, in addition to being present in domestic markets, we seek to develop and create capacity to enter foreign markets and achieve reasonable profit.

Arvand company is the exclusive representative of two major companies, Robor of Italy and Irol of France, which have been able to offer a full range of products to their customers in the field of household products by providing quality products.
Arvand ventilation in the field of Iranian GHP and CHP production has also established a joint company and research and development on these products.
Cooperation with international consulting engineering companies and participation in oil, gas and petrochemical mega projects has made the products of this company to be at a high level of quality standards.

Arvand story

Arvand Air Conditioning Company, with more than 30 years of history in Iran’s air conditioning field, proudly considers itself one of the innovators of this industry.
Arvand company was established in 1365 and now the main factory is located in Shams Abad industrial town on a land of 50,000 square meters.
Change and improvement is one of the characteristics that make us unique and this lies in the heart of Arvand. We have been able to create a lasting value with the modern knowledge of air conditioning for the comfort of our customers’ lives along with respect for the environment. With more than 20 diverse products in the three domestic, office, commercial and industrial sectors, we have been able to establish a high position as an Iranian brand.

History of Arvand

This company started working in 1365 under the name Arvand ventilation in the field of air conditioning equipment production.

In 1374, we continued to operate under the name of Arvand Yekta Air Conditioning Industries with a capital of 50,000,000,000 Rials, registration number 117847, the company’s factory is located near the three roads of Adran, Rabat Karim, Shahid Zavarei Industrial Town, on a land with an area of ​​10,000 square meter was built.

After concluding a contract with the Italian company Robur in 2013, factory number 2 was established in Shams Abad industrial town on a land with an area of ​​4500 square meters, which is exclusively for the production and assembly of gas chillers under the license of the Italian company ROBUR.

Due to the increasing expansion of Yekta Arvand Ventilation Industries and the need to increase the working, administrative and welfare space, this company decided to build a new factory with sufficient facilities and space.
For this purpose, a plot of land with an area of ​​50,000 square meters located in Phase 2 of Shams Abad Industrial Town was purchased and a new factory with high facilities, which is unique among other competitors, was created.
These facilities bring the ability to produce at several times the level of the past and lower the cost of products.

Considering the market’s need for household products, it was decided to enter into partnership with one of the most reliable European brands. For this purpose, after many reviews among the prominent companies in the market, Arvand Air Conditioning Company entered into a contract as the official representative of the famous French brand Irol home products. The high quality of these products is a potential competitive advantage for us in competition with other competitors.

Arvand, a pioneer in providing services

  • Sample unit of the Organization of Industries and Mines 2011 and 2012
  • A statue of effort in the arena of culture and industry 2001
  • Sample industry in the 23rd Tehran International Exhibition 2016
  • The sample unit of the House of Industry and Mining 2012
  • The selected company of the Organization of Industries and Mines 2012
  • Statue of the best industry of the national production festival, national honor 2006
  • Certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Commerce 1376
  • Certificate of appreciation of Shahid Rajaei University 2008
  • Certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Industries and Mines 2006
  • Certificate of appreciation from the House of Industry and Mining 2012
  • Certificate of appreciation from the House of Industry and Mining 2013
  • Certificate of appreciation of Isfahan Engineering System Organization 2002

Management Team


Manouchehr Shojaei



Hassan Bahrami

Chairman of the Board


Sina Shojaei

Vice Chairman of CEO


Farzad Bahrami

Member of the Board

Arvand's project

Universities, sports centers and hospitals


Banks and financial centers


Automobile factories


Aviation industries and airlines


:Factories and domestic industries

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Arvand Yekta Air Conditioning was established in 1364 and with more than 30 years of continuous activity, it has become a reliable brand in the heating and air conditioning industry. Arvand factory with an area of 50,000 square meters is located in Shamsabad industrial town.

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